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Penguin Enterprises Inc.  was established in 2008 and is a cutting edge technology company with divisions in the area of SEO(Search Engine Optimization), Online Reputation Management, Travel and Software Development.   Utilizing our state of the art datacenter along with our 7000 square feet office space our professional staff is sure to meet your companies needs no matter what they might be.   With 1000′s of satisfied clients be assured that we have your Business interests in mind.


We have a diverse staff that makes sure everything is running smoothly and everything is getting done.


Jerry Kmiec (CEO/Tech Person) -

Mr. Kmiec is the brains behind Penguin Enterprises and is the one that takes care of all the tech stuff.    He is passionate about technology and is sure to keep up with the latest trends in computers and consumer electronics.    He knows what technologies will and will not benefit your company for any given situation.   You can see his diverse and unique background here on Linkedin

Jennifer Hopson (Sales) – Miss Hopson knows inside and out the full range of products and services that Penguin Enterprises has to offer and is always ready to talk with you about what is the best for your business needs.

Dan Masters (IT Department)  - Dan is the man that makes sure all of our servers and other things are running smoothly, he is the one that we contact at 4A when something is not working correctly and we have a critical “need it now” project that needs to be done.  He has saved us many times in times of computer peril!

In addition to our in house staff we have numerous offshore staff that makes sure everything is running smoothly at Penguin Enterprises.


Professional Solutions


We offer Professional Solutions for your business whether it’s our travel, seo or software development team.

Customer Service


Customer Service at Penguin Enterprises Inc. is a major part of what we do.  We want to make sure our clients are happy and will do what ever is needed in order for that to happen.

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